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"H-Hallo?" Your voice rang out like a lonely bell as you cautiously walked into the pitch black room.  

"Mr. B-Beilschmidt? I'm here f-for my test out-" You warningly/pleadingly called out into the darkness hoping another human being was shielded with in.

It seemed almost like a bad horror movie, you had watched with your father, as you slowly moved through the foreign room and all you could hear was your shallow breathing and your petite foot steps.

You looked down at your small wrist watch as the time read 7:50 sharp. Your meeting with Mr. Beilschmidt wasn't until 8 O'clock but your father had always told you to be ten minutes early. This rule was mostly made up to keep his German pride about always being on time.

You noticed as what appeared to be a side office or at least a side room start to come into view on the far side of the schools gym.

"H-Hallo?!" You called out again as you thought you saw a black shadow glide across the gyms glossy floors.


Your brain was running a million miles an hour as you slowly felt your body start to slip backwards. You tensed all the muscles in your legs and low back as you prepared your body to make contact with the bone chillingly cold floor.

Yet in stead of feeling pain run up your sides you felt arms. You quickly opened your (eye color) eyes in a panic as you saw dreamy light blue eyes looking back at you.

"Vhat are you doing here?" The boy asked crossly as he placed you back on to your (favorite shoe brand) covered feet.

"I-...I" you stood there stunned. This boy only look about maybe (your age), yet his voice was so deep and masculine!

"Looks like puberty blessed him, in more then one way" You thought to yourself as you saw how attractive the boy before you truly was.

"I asked you a question, miss! Vhy are you here?!" The boy said this time with a hint of anger in his voice.  

"I-I'm sorry. I am looking for Mr. Beilschmidt. Do you know vhere I can find him?" You replied as a dorky smile was painted across your face.

"I am he. Vhy do you need my service?"

"Was!? Zhat can't be right! You're only old enough to be a student here!" You remarked baffled.

"Yes I am a student attending zhis school but I am also zhe assistant to zhe schools head coach." Mr. Beilschmidt said as you could both hear and see his frustration.

"Oh vell in zhat case, I am (Name) (Last Name). I'm am here because I need to test out, so I can be put in a gym class for the rest of the school year."

"Yes, miss (Last Name). Vhy are you so early! Zhat's very rude you know! You should vork on arriving on time to events, not before you are velcomed!" Mr. Beilschmidt lectured as he walked away to flip on the gyms lighting source.

"I'm so sorry, Mr. Beilschmidt!" You said quickly as you really hoped not to ruin your chances with Mr. Beilschmidt.

"Don't call me zhat address me by my first name."

"Okay but vhat is your first name?"

"My name is Ludvig. I vill not respond to any silly or childish nicknames so don't even attempt to address me as anyzhing ozher zhen Ludvig." Ludwig stated as he crossed his strong arms over his broad chest.

"Vell Ludvig it is very nice to-"

"Start running! Three laps around zhe whole gym, GO!" Ludwig interrupted as he pulled out a stop watch.

You stood in front of the very attractive Ludwig. As your, stupid, brain tried to take in said information.

"Every minute you stand instead of running you have to do fifty push-ups! So far you're up to 150 extra push-ups." Ludwig said bluntly and you legs finally kicked in.

This test out you had to do with Ludwig had to be the hardest thing you had ever done. It started off with you running three laps around the super-sized gym. Right after that you had to preform, in perfect form, 150 push-up in under three minutes. Then the cycle started up again, this time you running five laps and then performing 200 crunches in under four minutes. Then, some how with the little bit of soul you had left, you had to run seven laps and then do 55 lunges in less then a minute.

"Good job you have completed the test out." By the time Ludwig had said job you where already on the floor, dying in a pool of your own sweat.

"V-Vhat a-are m-my r-results?" You painted out, unattractively, like a dog would on a hot summer day.

"You did average. I'm going to put you into the B class." Ludwig simply replied, yet he didn't understand how heart breaking thoughts words where after almost dying.

"V-Vhat time does it s-start.... Und who teaches zhis class?"

"Class starts at 9:15 sharp and I am zhe teacher for zhat class."

"Gosome!" You mentally slapped yourself for mixing the words good and awesome together and making a fool of yourself in front of Ludwig.

"Vhat does Gosome mean?" Ludwig asked confused. Even his beautiful sky blue eyes showed this emotion.

"It somezhing ve say in Germany, my home country." You smirked out with pride for saving your slip up.

"No one in Germany says zhat..." Ludwig replied as he made an odd face at you.

Holy. Roman. Empire. You ears had been listening to Ludwig's sexy accent covered words this whole hour... you even knew Ludwig was German, from the day before when you where in the schools office filling out paper work. Yet that was the smooth cover up your brain had to say. How Gosome...

You quickly got up, with out any grace, and awkwardly started to head towards the lockers.

"See you in an hour and a half then, Ludvig!" Your said as you winked. Yet honestly it looked more like you where having a stork.

"Yeah... S-See you zhen..." Ludwig simply muttered as he quickly went on with is day. Leaving you and your awkward brain alone.

You quickly noticed that you where still dripping in sweat so you decided to quickly take a shower before your first class.

It only took a few seconds to run into the girls locker room and get, out of your locker, your (fruit) scented shampoo and conditioner and your (favorite flower) scented body wash.

"Ahhhhh" You let an addable sigh of relief pass threw your pink lips as the (hot or cold) water rushed out of the shower head and onto your very tender body.

"Maybe mutter vas right maybe zhis new school in America vill be enjoyable." You muttered to yourself as you lathered the thick (fruit) shampoo into your long (hair color) hair.

You had moved to America from the nice town of Dresden, Germany. The only reason why your family moved from your amazing house was because your Vater had been offered a job that payed much more then his current salary. The one catch was that you now had to leave your home, the only one you had ever lived in, and make a new home in America.

Honestly you where very angry at first for the normal reasons of loosing friends, learning a new langue, and leaving your home town. Yet your Mutter promised it was going to be enjoyable.

Today was your first full day at school today and so far it was going well. You already had an eye for and amazingly hot boy, plus he was German! Yeah German pride!

You smiled to your self thinking about how you where going to try and make new friends today, as you finished rinsing the suds of both the conditioners and the body wash off of you.

Once that was done you grabbed your supplies and a crisp white towel, to dry off with, and made your way back to the locker you had been given the day before.

"Watch where you're going!" A girl with shorter dirty blond hair yelled out as the collision in the small hallway caused your bottles to fall to the ground.  

"S-Sorry!" You said quickly with a smile as you tried to come off as friendly.

"Whatever!" The girl scoffed as she continued on her way.  

"Zhat's one girl in a bad mood, it going to be a really good day!" You whispered a mini pep-talk to yourself as you picked up your bottles and walked over to your locker.

After you had put your sweaty garments away and all your toiletries all way in your gym bag, you went to get your regular outfit for the day out of your locker.

"See mutter was right it's going to be a..." As soon as you had dialed your combination into your lock and opened the old rusty metal door, about fifty balls of crumpled paper avalanched out of your locker and on to the slightly wet floor.

Slightly confused you picked up one of the balls of paper and carefully smoothed it out until it was readable. You felt your heart sink to the bottom of your stomach as you read the hurtful words carved on to the paper using a ball point pen.

On the simple piece of notebook paper where hateful words like Nazi and Kraut and at the bottom in a thick dark red sharpie was a swastika.

"Maybe it von't be a good day after all..."
Hello! Okay so this is a request from the lovely mystery942. This mini series is going to be a happy one, my first one ever! The reader will deal with some bullying but nothing bad enough that I would have to put a filter on my chapters! Enjoy my story, and please comment and tell me what you think! :D

I don't own the pure awesomeness of hetalia or the awesome picture if Germany! I just own the story line! :)
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schattigx3 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014
This is gosome!!!!!! *-*
onigirifreak Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Please update this!  I'm so excited for the next chapter!!!
InuGermany1914 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013
I'm working on it right now my dear! :3 I'm so sorry to have put such a long period of time between chapters. It will be out very soon I promise! :)
onigirifreak Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
*gasp*  YAY!!!
DarkRoseStayla1 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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This is wunderbar so far! Ist also zhe first time I've seen a German!Reader X Germany!
I like it!
InuGermany1914 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013
Danke! I'm glad you are enjoying it! :) just so you know you'll be posting the next part by Wenseday! Thank you so much for commenting! :3
Moonflower1818 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2013
:D Yay!
CherryPuppy45 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013
Ah bullies....immature people at their worst....
InuGermany1914 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013
You are a very wise person, my dear friend. :)
CherryPuppy45 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2013
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Hetalia1775 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013
Damn bully's!!! So far I love the story!!!
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Awesome( eats a slice of cake, and two brownies )
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Thank you so much I love it and imso exited for more but maube make germany a bit older than the reader at least maybe a year or 2
InuGermany1914 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013
I'm so glad you are enjoying it so far! :) and no problem on making Germany a few years older!
mystery942 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes I love it that was really nice of you!!!! ^^
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Those arschlochs.

Anyways great startoff!
InuGermany1914 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013
Danke! :) und Sie sprechen gut Deutsch! ;)
mystery942 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I yelled at my screen and in my head at the bullying though it does make it more interesting
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